Saturday, November 13, 2021

Thank You for the Kind and Generous Book Reviews

Amazon directed me to Author Central, where I could read the book reviews. I was touched by the number and variety. Thank you. They are very encouraging.

More is brewing with the second edition of The Bible Book - "More pages. Fewer typos!" Yesterday I was editing and improving when I ran into an imaginary writer's block. The block was real but the facts were an illusion. I drank some pour-over coffee (Costa Rican) and set up a new place on the hard drive for a series of edits. (Never use the extension - final - because it never is.) I number them, then change by adding norma, then the almost final janie, because Norma A. Boeckler provides the beautiful art and Janie puts the final edit through. There can be 30 versions as I go along because I had an early Luther's Sermons volume that became corrupted at the end of the process. I had 350 pages gone forever, until I remembered sending it, without art, via DropBox. I retrieved that and put the art back in.

I could do the last steps for publishing, but I would only be finishing on my second book now. Frustrated perfectionists never finish  writing and they often never start. Besides, Janie is exceptionally good and I could never match her speed and perfection. Norma Boeckler's art speaks for itself, and we all love it.

In order:
  1. The second edition of The Bible Book: The KJV Reborn for Those Who Love the Word of God. New Year's.
  2. The I AM Sermons of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel, early 2022.
  3. Another Biblical book. 

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