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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Thy Strong Word Reviewed - Loved by Laity, Hated by Sect Leaders,
Banned by Marvin Schwan's Logorrhea Journal

 Thy Strong Word is found on Amazon as a printed book,
on Kindle as an e-book. Copies can be ordered at the author's price, too.

Today, someone wrote - There's so much information in the book, it must have taken you years to put it all together. As you said in the preface, the book can be used as a reference source for documentation regarding the efficacy of the Word. 

Thanks for writing it.


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February 28, 2018
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Gregory L Jackson, PhD is a leading figure in confessional Lutheran theology today, the principles of which are found in the writings of Martin Luther and the Lutheran reformers and in the Book of Concord. A key Lutheran doctrine is that the Holy Spirit is an active, vital force which works through the preaching and hearing of the God's Word. God's Word is “quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit” Hebrews 4:12.

Dr. Jackson stated his reason for writing this book in the preface:

“I have written Thy Strong Word for one purpose: to teach the Biblical doctrine of the efficacy of the Word and thereby utterly destroy the Church Growth Movement in the Lutheran Church. ... Until recently the efficacy of the Word was taken for granted by all Lutheran, even by the liberals ... Now we have a generation or two of pastors and laity who cannot refute the Reformed errors cunningly promoted by their own synodical leaders and seminary professors.”

Using his decades of experience in teaching and the ministry, Dr Jackson chronicles the erosion of the centrality of the Lutheran confessions in the preaching of the conservative synods (ELS, LCMS, and WELS). He traces the erosion to the influence of rationalism and Reformed doctrine, which caused the synods to turn away from faith in the effectiveness of preaching and teaching God's Word. This goes with the Reformed idea that God's Word needs man's help to be effective.

Rationalism and Reformed doctrine diminished the vitality of the conservative synods beginning in the 20th century and accelerating in the 21st century. The symptoms include declines in membership, infiltration of various false doctrines, and synod hierarchies more interested in prestige and perks than the preaching the Gospel.

Dr Jackson shows how synod leadership reacted not by restoring sound doctrine, but instead by adopting Madison Avenue sales techniques and gimmickry (known as the Church Growth Movement or CGM) with the hope that these would put people into the pews of their emptying churches.

Dr Jackson begins his critique of CGM by presenting the principles of Lutheran doctrine: the authority of the Bible, justification by faith alone, the efficacy of the Word of God, and the power of the Sacraments.

Then, Dr Jackson presents quotes from CGM leaders and contrasts them with quotes from Luther and Lutheran foundational documents to illustrate how the principles of CGM are non-Lutheran, or anti-Lutheran, in nature.

This book is 533 pages, the information is detailed, the sources are foot-noted. This isn't a book that you should expect to read in one sitting. The dust jacket calls it a textbook for Lutheran biblical theology. You can consider it a teaching tool as well as a reference source. Dr Jackson includes a suggested reading list consisting of 3 pages of book titles. That being said, his writing style presents the information in an interesting and engaging manner, so you shouldn't find yourself becoming bogged down, as you might when reading a dry textbook on theory.

If you want to understand the foundational principles of confessional Lutheranism, then you should read this book. If you want to understand the problems of present day confessional Lutheranism and what the solutions are, then you should read this book.

Dr Jackson discusses the problems of present day Lutheranism on his internet blog, Google ichabodthegloryhasdeparted for the URL. He conducts a weekly Lutheran worship service via the internet, the blog has a link to the broadcast site which also has archived broadcasts. If you want to hear solid, scripture-based, Lutheran sermons, you'll find them in his worship services.

Thank you for your feedback.
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April 14, 2007
Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase

I am a layman, not a theologian, but I have read fairly widely in the literature of Lutheranism, my heritage faith, so I do not hesitate to praise with the highest encomia possible this very fine and much-needed book that refutes the errors of latter-day North American Lutheranism, alike the unbelieving "liberalism" of the E.L.C.A. and E.L.C.i.C. as well as the pseudo-conservatism (which falsely poses as Confessional) of the denominations deriving from the old Synodical Conference (most notably the L.C.M.S., W.E.L.S., E.L.S., and the L.C.M.S.' sister sect, the Lutheran Church Canada), which have betrayed genuine Confessional Lutheranism with their bizarre speculations embodied in the theological paradigm of "Universal Objective Justification and Subjective Justication" (U.O.J.), which Ptr. Dr. Gregory Lee Jackson anathematises and disproves, as well he should do, showing these heinous false speculative ideas to be being neither Scriptural nor Confessional, and, hence, not genuinely Lutheran at all. (Coming back to this review to revise it some, I would point out that Jackson has written and published a separate book, one that handles the matter suberbly, on the U.O.J. heresy, titled "Luther versus the U.O.J. Pietists: Justification by Faith".) Jackson also scathingly and realistically savages the venal "Church Growth Movement" tendencies in all forms of this hemisphere's Lutheranism, liberal and pseudo-confessional alike.

There are magnificent defenses of "genesio-Lutheran" Confessional teaching versus the claims of what Ptr. Dr. Jackson calls the "Reformed" (by which he includes all non-Lutheran Protestantism and sectarianism, rather than only, more properly, the teaching of other genuinely Protestant churches that follow the doctrinal teachings of Martin Bucer, especially, and of Jean Calvin, as well as the Three Forms of Unity and Westminster Standards that so principally, soundly, and moderately codify them confessionally). Jackson's defense of the Lutheran and hence Orthodox Christian "Means of Grace" is a stunning refutation of the claims of Baptists, Pentecostals/Charismatics, the loud-mouthed "Fundamentalists" who are so fundamentally wrong, the so-called "Neo-Evangelicals", Campbellites/"Restorationists", and other "cheap white [or black] theological trash") by explicating from the Scriptures (using, wisely, the Authorised "King James" Version, free of the sectarian bias that afflicts to one degree or another the modern versions in English of the Bible) the true Lutheran and biblical teaching about Holy Baptism and the Eucharist (Holy Communion, Mass). For the fine defense of Lutheran sacramental theology alone this book would be worth the purchase, but there is so much more as well!

A fault, a minor but nonetheless somewhat irritating one, is Jackson's intemperately vituperative assaults on other Lutherans and their squabbles and peccadillos over relatively minor matters of turf, petty corruption, and so forth which, really, are of only passing interest or importance compared to the major issues that this book addresses, something that inevitably will cause this book become a bit dated in that regard. (That said, though, Jackson`s comments on such matters are reasonable and, I believe, true.) Dr. Jackson's book is already a classic of Lutheran exegesis and sound doctrinal teaching.

A note of warning is in store for those who purchase the book second-hand; the earliest printing of this book had some pagination and binding irregularities, but even a copy with these defects is worth having, since they do not affect any of the most important passaages of the book.
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October 25, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Friday, March 2, 2018

Volume VI of Luther's Sermons Is Done - Volume VII Is Being Readied for Amazon and Kindle eBooks

Back cover, Volume VII

Volume VII is done already, and VIII is being edited. That has been the normal state since this began. My brain keeps saying, "Out of memory, not enough for this function, reboot now."

To finish VIII and the Gems faster, I will send out expected volumes when they are also done. Exceptions are those who earned a dedication for a given volume.

From abandoning the Chief Article

Observe that these volumes are non-synodical, non-political. They are being published simply to highlight and support the primary office of the clergy - preaching.

From Luther's preaching came his insightful Bible studies, his faithful hymns, and the confessional material found in the Book of Concord.

Back cover, Volume VI

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Last Ash Wednesday, The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine.
This Year - Luther's Sermons Almost Done

 Norma A. Boeckler

Last Ash Wednesday I was finishing The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine, about Luther's Biblical Doctrine of the Word.

This year, Luther's Sermons are being finished.

  • Volume VI is with Janie Sullivan, being prepared for Amazon and Kindle.
  • Volume VII is almost ready for Norma A. Boeckler's art.
  • Volume VIII is being read and corrected by Virginia Roberts.
  • The Gems volume is almost ready, by virtue of having each volume's gems selected as we publish.
More New Testament Greek will be taught, starting tonight.

Romans 1-5 will be taught during the Easter season.

Looking ahead, these volumes are planned:
  • Luther's Two Catechisms
  • The Gospel of John in English and Greek
  • The Ichabod Lutheran Dictionary - fun and informative.
  • Some other alarms and diversions for the apostates to suffer.
 Norma A. Boeckler

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Publishing Updates on the Sermons of Martin Luther

Norma A. Boeckler is currently illustrating Volume VI of Luther's Sermons. I get to make another try at editing the volume before it goes to Janie Sullivan and Amazon-Kindle.

Volume V was delayed a bit by Amazon, so I am just getting to the orders now, and sending the third box to Africa. This time they will get all of Luther's Gospel Sermons from the set (I-V). Soon, all will be done with the Gems volume added.

Virginia Roberts is editing Volume VII, and I am sending her a partially edited Volume VIII to her for editing.

Planned already and already started:

  1. Luther's Two Catechisms.
  2. An Ichabod Lutheran Dictionary.
  3. A Brief Commentary on the Gospel of John.

This is going to be a doctrinal teaching year, so Romans 1-5 in English and Greek will be taught weekly after Easter, using Ustream. Other potential classes on video will be Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, etc.

I will create a Facebook page or pages for the video classes, so they can be used later.

 Loehe's other seminary is Wartburg
in Iowa: ELCA with a vengeance.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Volume V Glitches Seem To Be Solved

Each volume has its own glitches, though some have a way of appearing again.

While waiting for the student economy version to be processed, several issues came up in the printing department.

That seems to be resolved now, and everything is fine again.

Sometimes the books ordered are sent quickly, but they can take some time to be printed and mailed.

Remember to order through me for the author's price.

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Sermons of Martin Luther - Volume V

Norman and Jean Woehrle have distinguished themselves in
service to our country and the Lutheran Church.

Norman Woehrle served as a Marine in the Pacific theatre, World War II. As many people know, the Marines made countless landings in hostile islands occupied by Japanese troops. Our forces used LSTs - Land Ship Tanks. Norman's job was to be the first off the ramp, holding a smudge pot blowing smoke to obscure his fellow soldiers from enemy fire. Another Marine shared the honors.

I asked Norman about the medals he earned. He laughed and said, "Oh, the usual bunch." He later worked for AT&T, and Jean worked as a nurse. They have always stood up for the truth, whether dealing with issues for patriotic Americans or problems in the Lutheran Church. When the pro-life counseling center needed help, Jean was always will to help.

They are members of Shepherd of Peace, WELS, in Columbus, Ohio.

 The Gems volume - IX - will include the selected gems
from all eight volumes.

Volume V Completes the Gospel Sermons
The first five volumes include all the Gospel sermons in the Lenker series.

We are now working on the last three volumes, the Epistle sermons.

Little Ichabod called this "publishing at a blistering pace." That would not be possible without the help and encouragement of:

  1. Norma Boeckler, our artist-in-residence.
  2. Virginia Roberts, our remarkable editor.
  3. Janie Sullivan, our editor for the print and Kindle e-books.
  4. Terry and Lori Howell, members who worked on one volume.
  5. An LCMS pastor who edited a volume or two.
  6. My wife, who has always enjoyed helping in all publishing work.
  7. Bethany Lutheran Church members and friends.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Progress in Luther's Sermons - And African Mission News

Janie Sullivan now has Volume V, the last of the Gospel sermons, and is getting it ready for Amazon print books and Kindle e-books.

Virginia Roberts has already prepared edits for Volume VI, so I am getting that done during Christmas lay-offs. As I told the English class, "They call it vacation, but there is no pay, so I call it being laid off." I enjoy the break, once grading is done.

In fact, Virginia has already started Volume VII edits. The last three volumes are the Epistle sermons - and they soar too.

God willing, we can be done with the set and the Gems volume in early 2018, far ahead of my best expectations - thanks to the help of so many. Norma Boeckler has the art ready before the editing is done. How so? She looked up a complete set of sermons in PDF, so she can figure out the layout of each one.

 The total cost for all of the above - including shipping to the missionary - is $90.
We already have the $100 for the mailbox to Africa.

Africa News
As I wrote before, there is a great need for Luther books in the African seminaries.

We already received a donation for the shipping cost of the first books - $100 for a mailbox, 20 pounds. By chance we have free shipping via the missionary's daughter.

So I have ordered a new set of books sent so those books can go to a second seminary fairly soon. The shipping is already paid for, thanks to that previous gift.

If you want to give toward the African seminary book fund, make out the check to Bethany Lutheran Church, 1104 Letha Drive, Springdale, 72762. We have an IRS tax number as a church and are incorporated, thanks to attorney Glen Kotten.

Some people use PayPal, so I transfer stipulated gifts to the church fund. PayPal allows a memo on funds sent, so that is an easy way to route the gift. Dr. Lito Cruz had us get that started, and it is handy for a lot of uses, such as paying for the mailbox, which is sent from St. Louis.

One reader is sending six copies of each Luther volume as Christmas gifts. My thinking goes like this - the readers are the best distributors, since the big money church publishers boycott me. The important part is getting people to read Luther again, so giving Luther books is one way to do that, and the cost is very low.

In the near future, the Gems from Luther's Sermons, in full color, will be available as a great introduction to the best of Luther.