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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Schedule Change - Creation Gardening Is Next

Norma Boeckler designed this cover,
with a photograph from her garden.

My Moline classmates and Facebook friends have been commenting on the posts about roses and asking for the gardening book, so I am finishing Creation Gardening as quickly as I can. The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine will be completed later.

The gardening book will be in full color, including the interior, and available at the author's price.

Norma Boeckler has published a number of books 
and is now helping others complete theirs.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Now on Amazon - Introduction to the Christian Faith

Introduction to the Christian Faith - Print Edition.
Introduction to the Christian Faith - Kindle E-book Edition

I am moving most of the Lulu books over to Amazon. This is the Amazon author page for Gregory L. Jackson. The author page needs some revising, but that will have to wait.

This book was originally published with the current title as the subtitle, the sub-title as the title. Although that causes a bit of confusion, the fact is, the Net picks up on the main title, so I decided to feature the substance of the book, a basic book about the Christian Faith.

For those who like Kindle for their mobile devices and quoting, the best approach is to get Kindle Unlimited for $10 a month and download all the Kindle books you want, even mine, for that tiny sum. $10 a month covers every book listed under Kindle Unlimited - and include all mine in that category.

These publications do not generate direct cash for me. I built in $1 profit for each one to keep prices low, as my personal email suggests - edlp - Every Day Low Prices. At the moment I am putting together three boxes of books to give away to people who showed an interest in my books and some classic Lutheran books.

The goal is to influence others to concentrate on reliable Bibles - like the KJV family - and the best Gospel theologians - Luther, Melanchthon, and Chemnitz.

Introduction to the Christian Faith
A sainted member of Bethany Lutheran Church asked me to write a book about the basics of the Christian faith, so that anyone could study it and get a Scriptural understanding of Christianity.

My other books are about specific topics, such as the efficacy of the Word and Creation. Introduction to the Christian Faith is more general and basic, centered on the Person and work of Jesus Christ the Savior.

Each section deals with Scripture and many include hymn quotations as well.

The print is large and the book is illustrated by Norma Boeckler.

The Next Two Books
I am finishing The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine and then completing Creation Gardening.

I am planning some shorter works in the future, on single topics, like commercialism in the church, the Heidelberg Disputation, 1518, etc.

Free and Low-Cost Books
I favor sending books to people at the astonishingly low author's price, especially in bulk. I can complete an order of various titles, various numbers of each book, in a few minutes. They arrive faster than Amazon promises. Introduction to the Christian Faith is only $3.50 at the author's price.

Those who want to order Christmas gifts might consider ordering via the author's price. Just send an email for an estimate  and mail a check to cover that amount plus shipping.

Free books are given away all the time, because some people have sent gifts to cover free books. The idea is to share printed books, which are kept for a long period of time, and let the Word of God take effect. Matthew 13 has a Parable about the Sower and the Seed, and Paul offered a similar analogy.

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:15 KJV

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blogging for Books

 My favorite two questions are:
"You know Norma Boeckler?" and
"How did you get to know her?"

I started our chiropractor on his own personal blog. He posted a public lecture and then put the link on his Facebook page, as I suggested - for Search Engine Optimization.

A blog works best when refreshed often with new material. I appreciate clinical and alternative medicine, so I like to help the chiropractor, who has done wonders for my wife's pain.

One reader gave me the melancholy news that my Amazon links need plenty of work. I took a look when still short on coffee this morning and said to myself, "Oh bother." But I am steadily improving them.

One way readers can help is to post a review on that book's page. A retired librarian does this for me - he has always encouraged my work. The effect of posting reviews is to increase attention and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The various social media work together to leverage what is on the Net, so 1 + 1 + 1 = 9.

Someone feels obliged to post nasty reviews, but that does not bother me. Bad reviews published on the Net are better than great reviews never posted.

To do this, go to the Gregory L. Jackson author's page, pick a book, and post a review at the bottom of that book's page. In effect, they are giving me a free website for what I do.

Norma has one, too, so stop at the Norma Boeckler author page. Reviewing her books will help get them around.

Current Plans
I am finishing The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine, studying the new Bibleworks 10, and fixin' to complete the Creation Gardening book.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Introduction to the Christian Faith: Jesus Priceless Treasure.
Next on Amazon-Kindle

Yesterday I went through the Word file, page by page, twice, to improve Introduction to the Christian Faith for publishing through Amazon printed books and Kindle e-books.

I switched the title around because the first words of the title are featured in links, which indicates the intent of the book.

Going through the book again made me aware that Introduction to the Christian Faith is more of a basic learning tool for Lutherans who want a textbook on Lutheran doctrine, based on the ministry and teaching of Jesus the Savior - rather than the infallible lives and publications of various synodical saints.

The book could be used for a new members class or studied for the purpose of apologetics - "be ready to give a reason for the hope within you." The quotations are KJV, Luther, and Book of Concord.

Anyone who wants to check out the content can open this Jesus Priceless Treaure PDF, which can be downloaded and shared with anyone - free - no need to ask permission. I use DropBox for these free public links.


$120 - Proofing Editor.
$100 - Finishing Editor (who now has the file).
$100 - Promotional Copies.

$320 - Total

Next Books -

  1. The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine will be finished next. DV - end of September.
  2. Creation Gardening will be completed after The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine.
  3. Jesus Lord of Creation is being proofed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Kindle Edition for Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure.
Author's Prices for Books

Pastor Jackson,

Greetings to you. I have a couple questions about your newest 25th anniversary version of the Liberalism book, presently available on Amazon.

Are you planning a Kindle version?

How many copies are required to buy them directly from you at the $4 price?

I am in the process of reading Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant and find it excellent. I wish I had read it much earlier -- I'd have been strengthened and better prepared to make a defense of my faith.

Thank you.

In Him who saves us,


Thank you for your kind words.

Here is the Kindle link for Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure, but the page includes a price for the used copies - way up. The new printing is not so expensive!

I will send books at the author's price (any number above 1) to those who want them. There is a vast difference between the author's price and retail, so I would like to facilitate distribution rather than make a few more dollars. 

Most of my books have an author's profit (retail version) of $1 - same with Kindle. Obviously, Amazon takes a big chunk for itself, but the service is very handy for someone who wants to write without tying up thousands in print costs.

Gregory L. Jackson Author's Page on Amazon.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Plans for Martin Chemnitz Press

When someone is banned, blocked, and shunned at supposed Lutheran publishing firms, including "independent" lapdog ones - even the micro-mini ELDONUT's bookmobile - the best approach is to distribute books.

Martin Chemnitz Press is expanding the titles available by print and Kindle e-books, not to sell a lot of them, which is impossible without distribution, but to make them available at cost or slightly above cost.

Frank Fiorenza, now enjoying an endowed chair at Harvard University, made this point when I was driving him home from Notre Dame, after class, "I don't care how many books you write, Greg, or how good they are, you have to have distribution."

Like Roland Bainton and Stan Hauerwas, Fiorenza had books everywhere.

I started a blog called Martin Chemnitz Friends since he is the key figure in defining Lutheran Orthodoxy. Last night I told some LCMS classmates that I was not Missouri. Three of them, kidding me, took two steps backwards, and we all laughed. I pointed out that I had about 500 LCMS friends on Facebook, which says something.

Chemnitz is the key figure because he united the divided Lutherans after the death of Luther. He was not alone, of course, but he was the senior editor of the Book of Concord and a genius as rare as Luther himself.

I will use the Martin Chemnitz Friends blog to announce book news and to mention the work of others, because social media attention really matters. I will compose the post on Ichabod the Glory Has Departed and copy it over to Martin Chemnitz Friends.

The new blog is fed onto the author's page on Amazon.

The Plan
I am moving titles to Amazon because the author's price for printed books is far below  that from Lulu.com. I was always waiting for their special one-day Lulu sales.

If a church or a group of pastors would like a bunch of books, I will send them at price plus shipping. I can list those prices later. Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant is only $6 printed, without shipping, one third the retail price.

Another advantage of Amazon is the Kindle e-book. Those books are ideal for immediate delivery and use on all mobile devices. I use Kindle for writing so I can copy and paste quotations that include the citation.

People can easily bring their smartphones to class and read from them.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Now Available - The 25th Anniversary Edition of Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure

The current books can all be found on the author's Amazon page.
Click the link on the Amazon page "to follow" for future publications.

Lulu books by Gregory Jackson, to be moved to Amazon, can be found here.
I wrote earlier about Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure. Readers have heard many times over that no one dare raise an issue unless it is face-to-face. But Valleskey and Bivens hated my work so much - not that they ever told me -  that they threatened an independent book publisher if he printed Angel Joy.
This printer and seller of books, including the Valleskey/Bivens book, said, "I have to feed my family. I cannot publish your book." He then repeatedly refused to give me back the photos for Angel Joy, even though he was the one who solicited me for books he could publish and sell.

The only public reference Valleskey made  to me was in his icky Church Growth promotional article in the Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly. He argued that one could harvest figs from thistles, that Fuller dogma was like rich gold, silver, and jewels - good for the stealingThere he was suspiciously flattering, as the Apostle warned in 

Romans 16:18 

For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

By the way, I challenged Valleskey's awful WLQ essay when he gave it, sought to talk to him about his study at Fuller Seminary - which he denied and later confirmed. I also sat next to Valleskey at supper, but another CG fanatic, now an avowed atheist, made sure I could not say anything.

I also talked to John (Sparky) Brenner about the false claims of the article. He said, "Write a letter." I said, rather heatedly, "Does the faculty support these falsehoods? Are there any editorial standards?" Brenner's wife looked at me like, "How dare you speak to my professor husband!"

In spite of the obstacles created by the WELS Church Growthers, the book came out eventually and sold like beer at a WELS convention.

Here is the Table of Contents - 

Introduction                                                                     7
Chapter One: Decline Of The Mainline Churches
-                                                                                                 9
The Merry Widow Waltz                                                            9
Reimarus: Liberal Hero                                                             11
Historical-Critical Method                                                        13
Yale and the Progress of Higher Criticism                                15
Benjamin Bacon                                                                       15
The New Scholarship at Yale                                                    16
Educational Victories                                                                21
Pietistic Bridge                                                                         22
The Fruit                                                                                   25
Chapter Two: Merger Mania:                          28
Becoming Unitarian                                                                  28
A Little Unitarian History                                                         32
Apostasy through Merger                                                          36
Unionism                                                                                  38
ELCA Doctrines, Shared with Mainline Churches                    39
Merger Works                                                                           40
Mainline Churches, Home Missions for the Unitarians             41
Gradualism                                                                               43
Chapter Three: The Mainline Churches And
Evolution                                                                          46
Another Approach to Evolution                                                51
Darwin, Theologian and Scientist                                             52
The Earthworm, Darwin's Nemesis                                           53
Purpose                                                                                     54
Compost                                                                                   58
Why?                                                                                        60
For the Believer                                                                        61
Mainline Malaise                                                                      61

        Creation                                                                              62
        Devolution                                                                          64
Chapter Four: Charismatics Are Liberals                                                                                                  68
          A LITTLE HISTORY                                                        70
        Revivalism                                                                          70
         Pentecostalism                                                                    71
          Charismatic Renewal                                                         72
             Confusion about the Two Natures in Christ                     75
         Two Baptisms                                                                     76
              Unscriptural Practices concerning Tongues                     79
           Women in Leadership Roles                                             81
          Theology of the Cross                                                        82
            CHARACTERISTICS SHARED                                     83
             BY LIBERALS AND CHARISMATICS                        83
        Subjectivity                                                                         83
             Ecumenism, Unionism by Another Name                        84
               New Revelations Transmitted through the Emotions      85
          Ordination of Women                                                        87
                       Ill-educated Clergy: Rote Memory of Dogma, Shallow Dogmatism                                            88
         Excommunication                                                              91
          Work Righteousness                                                          92
         Political Power                                                                   93
Chapter Five: Defending Morality                98
              MATERIAL FALLACIES OF RELEVANCE                98
            The ad hominem (against the man)                                   98
           The tu quoque (and you too)                                           100
            The ad populum (to the people)                                      100
            The ad verecundiam (out of respect)                              101
             The ad ignorantiam (pleading ignorance)                       102
          The fallacy of accidence                                                  102
             Ignoratio elenchi (changing the subject)                        103
           Ad baculum (appeal to force)                                          103
           Ad misericordiam (sympathy)                                         104
        MATERIAL FALLACIES OF INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE                                                         105
Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (after this, therefore because of this)                                                            105
             Petitio principii (begging the question)                          105
        Opposition                                                                        106
         Special pleading                                                               107
          Hasty generalization                                                        107
            FALLACIES OF AMBIGUITY                                     108
Equivocation                                                                           108
OTHER FALLACIES                                                             110
Slippery Slope                                                                        110
False dilemma                                                                         111
Two wrongs/common practice                                                111
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT                                                 112
Chapter Six: The Cure                                         116
EVANGELISM                                                                      127
PIETISM                                                                                127
Unionism                                                                                128
Results! Results!                                                                     129
Cell Groups                                                                            131
APPLICATION                                                                      132
A NEW APPROACH                                                             135
Books To Buy and Study

 Herman Otten's secret agent, Paul McCain,
reviewed  Liberalism favorably in  Christian News,
but some might want to purchase it anyway.